An app experience that's lit

Knowing exactly what platforms your favorite movies is on is just the beginning...


Similar to dating apps, swipe left to nix content you don't like and swipe right to add your favorite titles to your personal library.


With more than a million trailers and titles, discover new movies, hidden gems or old favorites and watch them seamlessly on every major platform with just a click.


Make lists and share them with your friends. Once you're connected to your crew, receive notifications when you "match" on titles you love.


Add titles to your "Lit List" for a chance to win rewards and prizes, plus get access to exclusive events and movie premieres!

Unique, high-profile content creators

At Picticular we understand that a brand is more than its product— it's an entire culture. That's why we've partnered with some of the most impactful content creators around to create authentic, thought-provoking, work across multiple channels and mediums.